Rolling Around with Lowriders & a Bed Dancer

I don’t usually write while I’m at work but I’m sitting here in a truck doing nothing apart from taking in the countryside, so with the only issue being the lack of a strong coffee on hand currently to help me think, I have nothing better to do. Besides, technically I’m getting paid to write this now haha. After a week or 2 or pretty much constant rain, at least where I live, we finally got a half decent weekend, it was a bit cold but the sun was out and the roads were dry so that was something. I decided to tag along on a little rollout with a few of Melbourne’s finest lowriders, unfortunately my Accord looks shit against all their cars haha but I’ll hopefully be rolling on something cooler than steelies and caps soon, maybe not wires but the Dragway wheels I own will suit nicely once I sort spacers to clear the front brakes.

I spent that morning cleaning Dan’s Rodeo (ONBAGs- featured here) as he planned to roll down to Lebo Lane at St Kilda with me where the guys were meeting up, although he did come, he didn’t stay long but that was all good. It was a pretty good night, cruising down Chapel St, over to Docklands, and onto Pizze Societe at Southbank which is where I departed. It was good to meet some of the guys currently killing it in the Melbourne lowrider scene and has only pushed me more to put in the work with my ‘Euro’rider’ Accord. So here are the shots from the afternoon/evening last Saturday, and stay tuned for more car content soon following this coming weekend’s Black Label Invitational. Enjoy.

*disclaimer: I promise none of these shots were taken whilst driving with the camera out the window…lol.

Thanks for looking.


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