Motorclassica. The Australian Concours D’Elegance, 2017 (Part II).


I guess you could call this Part I and II… to be honest I really don’t want to still be doing Motorclassica posts in January 2018 like I was earlier this year with MC 2016, so I decided to clump a few things together for the rest of the MC 2017 coverage (there will be one or two more parts after this). For this lot there is just some general show coverage and some of what was on offer for the Saturday night auction hosted by Moss Green. I’m really not entirely happy with alot of the shots from MC, I think with all that was going on around me attending and the fact that I still stupidly (read stubbornly) choose to shoot with a slower shutter speed, DSLR set on a tripod, on wooden floors with hundreds of people walking around can make for hit and miss images. But hopefully they aren’t too bad, what you see on here is a selection of so many more photos I could have posted but chose not to. I also have removed several at last minute which I was not sure about whether I was keen on or not but hey, quality over quantity right?… Oh and yes I know I need to really start focusing on shooting the entire wide photo of cars and not just focus on detail, because what’s the point of detail if you never get to see the bigger picture? For this I apologise and I’ll work on fixing that in the future, for now I hope you all enjoy this second part from the classiest show in Aus…
















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