Motorclassica. The Australian Concours D’ Elegance 2017, Part I.


To be honest, I haven’t had much of a chance to get out lately. One thing after another has occurred with the Accord, (which yes I was selling), but it’s since been painted, had all the mechanical issues sorted and has been under constant evolution. I’m not entirely happy with it but it may evolve into a third more functional version of itself. I will do another post on it here at some point so will leave that at that. ┬áBrake and wheel bearing issues meant I missed Autoclassica. Two weeks ago myself and Emily were also meant to be in Tasmania but that has now been moved until January. I was kind of half hoping to get the car to Sydney’s WTAC and the JDMYard x Chronicles Mega Meet as without stumbling across Joey Lee and his vlogs, blogs and now podcasts I probably wouldn’t have developed a strong interest in Hondas. I didn’t make it up there as I had to replace a driveshaft and another wheel bearing issue but for now, I think front end problems are sorted… touch wood.

The Bluebird is still sitting in the garage too, awaiting it’s turn… unless I sell it. Just kidding… but not really, I’m divided, can you tell?

So Motorclassica, I think that’s why you came here… The original plan was to return from Tassie on Thursday to make it to Motorclassica on the Friday, but seeing as we moved Tas and I didn’t have a car for two days, I had to end up going into Melbourne with Emily as she works in the area and get dropped off at the Royal Exhibition Building. I almost didn’t even get to shoot at MC because dickhead me dropped my DSLR right on the end of the new lens. Luckily it was on carpet and the lens hood took the brunt of the force.

I didn’t know what to start off this coverage with but I figured I might mix shit up to the way I usually post and do everything at random, tidbits of info and no big write up on particular cars. Part I of a few is as follows, a pair of American powered Italians.. sort of, enjoy.














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