Mazda Heritage Collection, Volume III. Part II – Targa Prepped Rx-8.


To follow on from my last post, once I was done with shooting the collection of 3 series Mazda’s, I did notice tucked over under the stairwell was the Targa Tasmania prepped Rx-8 SP. I showed you a glimpse of this particular car in a previous Mazda post when it was parked out in the workshop, but seeing as it was in the foyer area and I had time, I thought I’d give you guys a more in depth look at it.

Originally built for Targa Tasmania 2009 where it finished in 10th position and then driven by former Targa champion Steve Glenney. The turbo 13B powered Rx-8 went on to compete in Targa 2010, 2011 and with the last year it competed being 2012 I believe, alongside an almost identical Rx-8, also powered by a turbo 13B.

So I’ll admit I didn’t get a decent shot of the exterior, well not one that I was happy enough with to post, so they are mostly detail shots. 







I’d like to thank John Robinson for the opportunities provided to photograph Mazda’s Collection.


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