RWB Converge on Custom Cars & Coffee.


Cult; noun: 1. A system of religious veneration and devotion towards a particular figure or object…

On that basis then RWB is a cult and Nakai San has god status. Okay, well the latter of the above statement isn’t entirely untrue however, when you look at the synonyms of the meaning of ‘cult’; words such as craze, fad and fashion arise and Rauh Welt Begriff is much more than just a temporary fashion… it’s a family. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t actually fortunate enough to own one of Nakai-San’s wide body creations, even if you are just lucky enough to spend time with one in person, you feel a sense of welcomeness, it’s almost like it isn’t even a privilege, it’s just you’re there, you’re apart of it.

Each time I’ve been around the RWB cars, there’s a strange warm ambience, it’s almost the embodiment of today’s car culture and everyone seems to be on the same page. Looking past the aggressively offset and extremely dished wheels, covered by equally aggressive riveted on fenders and the sharp line of the spoilers, there’s a humble quality to each build, a soul, it’s something which is quite hard to explain but I’m sure felt equally by all followers of Nakai’s work. Maybe it’s knowing that even though each car is pieced together over 3 days by Nakai-San himself, there’s a peacefulness to the work involved. There’s no last minute running around and rushing to get the car done, no corner cutting, very few last minute changes, and no anger or impatience. Nakai-San just does his thing in his own time, the magic happens and a new family member is born.

That’s how I feel when given the opportunity to be around an RWB Porsche anyway, and last Sunday was no different. I didn’t even plan to go to Custom Cars and Coffee at Sandown Racecourse… Several weeks ago at Imax Melbourne, the RWB Film was released – a once in a lifetime opportunity, not only to see the story of Rauh Welt Begriff on the big screen but also to see the three Australian RWB cars; SoCro and Chigiri (both of which I featured here not long back) as well as the most recently of the three built Kodachi (QLD). But that isn’t all, the three NZ creations; Hekigyoku – my personal favourite of all six, Ginga and Waikato were also on display at the museum plaza alongside the local cars. I knew about the screening weeks in advance, I wanted to go but life sometimes gets in the way and with having my Accord rego due soon, not to mention my license renewal and several other bills I needed to get out of the way, I gave it a miss. I thought my chance had passed, that was until I heard the three New Zealand cars were still here in Melbourne, and not only that, they were going to be at Custom Cars and Coffee…


Sunday April 9, Forecast: 17’c. 95% chance of rain, expecting 50-80mm. Wind increasing, storms for South East Melbourne… Fuck.

Now, living in the country has it’s benefits but it also has it’s problems, mainly being that you are miles away from anything and decisions have to be made, because it’s around a 1.5 hour drive to most Melbourne suburbs (where most of the decent car meets are held) and nearly 2 hours to the CBD, which including return time is quite a fair distance if something happens to be called off. Saturday night I thought forget going, not with that kind of weather, it’ll be cancelled anyway…

Sunday morning, 8:30am, I’m laying there scrolling through Instagram kind of half considering if making the drive would be worth it, but leaning more towards staying in bed. Outside the sky has barely brightened in the last 2 hours, rain is pounding the glass and the Gumtree in the front yard almost resembles a Weeping Willow, it’s that windy. Then I see the post from RWB Australia, posted 40 minutes prior to me seeing it, stating that all six RWB cars are parked up at Sandown and will remain there for the duration of the morning, rain or shine.. Well, there goes the possible lazy Sunday. Around 3 hours later we arrived through the gates of Sandown, rain is still coming down, although light, the wind is no better than it was at home and hopes were low. Then I see the flags, those unmistakable letters of RWB in black on white. I made a beeline and managed to get a good rainless 20 minutes to shoot before the absolute downpour. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed being able to see all six cars together for what will probably be the first, last and only time. *Note I didn’t manage to get any shots of Chigiri as it was the first to leave while I was busy getting shots of the NZ cars but being that Chigiri is a local car, I’m sure you’ll see it grace Highstyle again at some point (you can check it out freshly finished HERE anyway, in my last RWB feature at Chigiri’s unveiling).


Above: Instead of a rear RWB sticker, Ginga has the lettering cut out and is fitted with mesh to help with cooling.



Above: Still applies yeah?







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