A Carrozzerie Special Fiat from Motorclassica… 2016.


Okay so yeah, this is a little late. In all honesty I forgot about it, completely. This was the last car I shot as my camera was dying on the day I attended last years Motorclassica, shit, we’re almost closer to this year’s Motorclassica than last years now. I can’t even remember any of the details on this car either as I made no notes but I know it’s a Fiat Vignale Carrozzeria, I’m not entirely sure what model or year but Vignale originally started producing bodies for Fiat until being brought out by Detomaso and merged with Carrozzeria Ghia who went on to design bodies for Ford through out the 80’s and 90’s, primarily many Australian manufactured Falcons. Vignale also went on to design bodies for Ford, mainly that of the Focus.  Any other information and any info on this particular car is welcomed in the comments below.

So what else has been happening lately? From an automotive point of view, not much. I have started getting some work done on my Bluebird (I featured recently) but not enough to make it worth another post just yet. So enjoy these much belated photos and hopefully I’ll have some more recent stuff up soon.



Below: I have no idea why the seatbelts read ‘POLICE’



Below: Spare wheel behind your head, hopefully you’d never forget to bolt it down.


Below: Original Torino plates sat under the current club permit ones.



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