Mazda Heritage Collection. Volume II, Part II.


So Spring, are you coming.. or nah? Was the question I was asking before attending Motorclassica this Friday just gone, and the answer appeared to be a maybe, with the morning starting off with a slightly warm breeze. It wasn’t expected to last with a forecast of 19’C., and the estimation of 95 percent rain, luckily this held off until around midday, and fortunately the majority of the show is indoors and so the rain had no effect, and rain it did. By the time I exited after a full day of taking in some of the most beautiful, rare and expensive cars in the country, the city streets were flooded, quite literally… but I’ll get to more on Motorclassica once I start processing photos from the event (of which there are many) and getting those up, but there are a few things to get to first.

**My first lot of Highstyle Auto Culture merchandise is well on its way here now and I’m expecting the shipment to arrive – if not today – then at least within the first half of this week so register your interest via email because there is a limited quantity to this first lot of merch – my email can be found under the ‘Contact’ tab above.


Due to the rather wet nature of this year’s seemingly late arrival of Spring, I have also had to push back the feature shoot for the rather odd, rare and unique rotary powered car I mentioned in the last post, that was meant to go ahead last week but it absolutely poured and without it being able to be taken to a covered location that’s on hold for now and is looking like it will be happening following the next however many posts from Motorclassica, which I can now say will be several to cover the event as well as several spotlight features but all in good time.


Today is just a short few shots from my second visit to Mazda Australia’s Heritage Collection and is based around an original second gen Rx7 – the FC. Designed in Japan by Mazda’s then Chief Engineer for new projects; Akio Uchiyama, the FC was to be less sports car focused like its predecessor and more of a sports tourer, built to be comfortable enough to drive on long journeys. This is due to the FC being designed to be more focused on the US market as apposed to Japan or Europe. Fitted with a fuel injected 13B rotary engine, and designed with Porsche 944 styling in mind, the FC was built in both coupe and convertible versions up until 1991 when it was replaced by the FD.

**Edit; upon finishing this write up, the first lot arrived, more info and products will be up shortly – Remember it’s a limited run, so get in ASAP guys.



Thanks again to John Robinson at Mazda.


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