Refined Chaos – Maling Road Autoclassica, Part I.


Maybe it has something to do with shooting the latest Australian built Porsche from Nakai-San, but following that I was longing to focus my lens on some classic European steel. Well, it just so happens that the weekend following Chigiri’s unveiling was German Autofest and plans were made to attend… that was however until the last minute when I heard about Autoclassica, which happened to fall on the same day as GA. After some quick research, that was that, my mind was changed and made up; Autoclassica it was.



The only way to describe it is as the title states; refined chaos. It’s not the chaos itself that was refined, that was definitely insane and absolutely chaos. Cringe-worthy examples involve a Countach avoiding a kids’ handlebar contacting the rear quarter panel by millimetres, fingerprints on almost every second car in attendance –  not just from children either, and apparently slightly crouching and taking two large steps whilst saying “sorry” instead of walking normally makes you invisible to cameras?..


Some balls were certainly involved by organisers and owners in trusting the general public to be let loose in a rather tight inner suburb street around cars with unobtanium status. Knelt down with camera focused and finger at the ready trying to get a clear shot of some of the cars was literally impossible, well, short of being in position for at least 10 minutes and hoping. So hence the coverage of Autoclassica is mostly made up of detail shots with the exception of a couple of spotlight features which will be coming soon.


Above: (Previous six photos) The Pininfarina designed Fiat Dino Spyder, fitted with the same Ferrari designed engine as the Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Targa below (Following four photos) in order to meet Homologation rules for Formula 2 racing.


That all said, I can see what Peter Barclay (main organiser of Autoclassica and member of the Maling Road Traders’ Association) and of course all of the other organisers and sponsors were trying to achieve; and that is to showcase some truly stunning cars within the beautiful, historic and very European looking backdrop of Maling Road. Chaos and crowds aside, it was just nice to get up close and look in detail at some refined and truly rare machines, not to mention seeing them being driven to and from the event, without a tray truck or tandem trailer in sight.




Above & Below: Jaguar E-Type, beautifully presented in black.


Above & Below: Race-prepped Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint.



Above & Below: The Lamborghini Countach LP500 – Usually the first car that comes to mind when speaking about those which are unobtainable.



Below: I’ll leave Part I here with a couple more shots of the 356 in the opening photo. Keep a look out for Part II and some spotlight features to come.



7 thoughts on “Refined Chaos – Maling Road Autoclassica, Part I.

  1. Matt – Hi,

    Next year we are having extra security at all entrances and will only allow people into the event without bikes etc. Fortunately all went well – but given the caliber of cars – this is one of a number of improvements we plan to make to make. Like you mentioned – the atmosphere and environment is ideal to see cars as they should be – driven to and driven from the event. This was deliberate as cars needs to be appreciated in a rear environment and thanks to many trusting car owners – with almost all committing to the event next year + many more now wanting to attend as well – the event worked really well. Next year the entire road will be closed and we will show in excess of 100 cars and some very rare bikes. Same time – Sunday before Fathers day!

    1. Hi Peter, that’s good to hear, I’m glad that everything went well and that the event will be happening again next year with the necessary changes in place. Because it really is great to see these cars in a more ‘natural’ environment and it would be a shame for Autoclassica to have been a one-off happening. I also hope that it helps to spawn similar events happening more often, I travelled from where I live in South Gippsland to attend and I can assure you that I will definitely be back next year.

      – Matt.

  2. Matt – can you send me your email – I have new details on the event on Sunday 20th August 2017 – this time entire road closed – 135 cars ~$40M in value.

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