Promise Land – Rauh Welt Begriff Australia 02 Unveiling. Part II – The Carpark.


As you’re reading this I’m likely prepping the next lot of articles to post up on here, I don’t usually explain what’s up next (partly because half the time I know as much as you do as far as scheduling and having the time to head out and shoot stuff goes.), but I’m currently working on the write up for a car that was in the car park amongst what you see here but I’ve chosen not to show it in these photos below. It’s a little same, same but different and I did hint on it in part I. I’m also currently working through the many photos from this past weekend’s Maling Road Autoclassica, which will involve many detail shots of some truly beautiful classics and one or two spotlight features.

For now though, I’ll keep this relatively short as far as discussing carpark photos which are pretty self explanatory – the rain had stopped and it was an RWB unveiling, so of course there were going to be some cool cars to see outside as well as what was going on within Rauh Welt HQ…





Above: Lastly, I might as well finish with another leaving shot of Middz and his E46 which fortunately made it out in one piece.


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