Promise Land – Rauh Welt Begriff Australia 02 Unveiling. Part I.


Rarely do I check Instagram anymore, mainly because I smashed my phone some months ago, and haven’t had it fixed yet so currently I’m using a ‘temporary’ one just to text and make calls. However, it just so happens that around 12 hours prior to me taking these photos which you see before you, I had a quick scroll through IG on Emily’s phone, where I came across a post from RWB Australia showing a glimpse of a charcoal 993 and included an address and time for the following day. Seeing as I was kicking myself last year when I missed the chance to check out the build of Southern Cross (The first RWB Porsche in Australia) and not to mention the chance to see the master himself in person; Nakai-San, I wasn’t going to let it happen again…



Arranging with Mum to babysit my son for a few hours, myself and Emily made the 1.5 hour drive up to where it was all happening at a non-descript warehouse in the south east Melbourne suburb of Clayton. The wet Melbourne weather certainly hadn’t put a dampener on the quality of cars which filled the carpark outside… but more on that in a later post. Pulling in behind two R35 GT-R’s and doing two carpark laps before settling for a park out the front of the factory next door, the tripod was assembled, the lens cleaned and a beeline was made for cover within the temporary RWB headquarters of Automobilia… well not before checking out a Rocket Bunny kitted FD RX7 – the first one I’ve seen in person but again, more on that in a later post…



I feel that Rauh-Welt needs no introduction, you only have to type those three letters into Google and you’re swamped with wide-body Porsche after wide-body Porsche, from all over the world and the amazing thing; each one is pieced together by the hands and eyes of Akira Nakai himself. This is no DIY bolt-on purchase off the internet, part of that payment is Nakai-San’s ticket for a plane to your city, where bags are dropped, tool boxes opened and work begins. But not before he gets to know the customer in order to get an understanding of how the car will be used, as well as their likes and dislikes, so each car can be appropriately tailored to its owner’s personality. The kit itself is sent in unpainted fibreglass, to be prepped, painted and ready to be attached to the car prior to Nakai’s arrival. Upon which, measurements are taken and rough guide lines drawn, then guards and quarter panels are cut away like they’re little more than a plastic model car. Everything is purely a product of Nakai-San and his hand-eye coordination, flares are mocked up in place, held on with tape and lined up by eye; holes are then drilled and the flares are bolted in place, and finally sealed with Sikaflex. Bumpers and spoilers are then affixed, wheels and suspension adjusted, and each car is then test driven by Nakai-San himself to make any necessary changes, and ensure a quality product.



Walking into the crowded entry of the workshop space, I first spied the unmistakable musky pink of Southern Cross, slowly making my way forward; the gleaming mirror-like and freshly finished Chigiri (Nakai names all of the Porsches he builds, Chigiri translates to The Promise.) came into view. Sitting just behind was Nakai-San, in an old brown leather armchair, smoking a cigarette and scrolling on his phone, which wore a grease smudged pink leather cover not too dissimilar to that of Southern Cross. A line of people took their turn one by one, to ask him for a photo, or to sign the poster or book they’d purchased from the table just inside the doorway, others had interior panels out of their cars, tripods and camera gear awaiting their own scribble from Nakai.




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