Kustom Nationals 2016. Part I.


The Kustom Nationals; One event that really needs no introduction in the world of kustom kulture. I need not think twice about attending, it just happens, like Christmas or Easter, it seems for me personally – I would assume the same applies for many others – there is no ‘will I?/ won’t I?’ It’s just what happens on that second weekend of January.

Each year it seems there are at least a handful of never before seen cars that are just instant stand outs. How about a hydraulic equipped, metallic ’57 Chev, riding on 13″ 100 spokes? Not your thing? How about a 90’s Japanese import wrapped in ’50 Ford sheet metal? Sound appealing? Well.. I wouldn’t think so either but wait for Part II. There was even something to cater for those into Euro’s, surely if none of the above interests you, an early 911 with Gulf livery should? Enjoy for now, more to come in Part II..












2 thoughts on “Kustom Nationals 2016. Part I.

  1. Great photos. Lol at the Datsun. I was very disappointed last year when in the US. I saw only one static exhibit of a big 60s car. I expected to see very modern versions, floating along the roads. Cars were much the same as here.

    1. Thanks Andrew, the Datsun wagon is pretty cool. I think I have a few photos of it floating around on here. It only recently changed owners.
      Yeah, I know what you mean, I think I have the same false pre-conception about Japan – a place I’d love to go one day. In my head the streets are awash with modified cars, sadly in reality I don’t believe that’s true.

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